Ten pieces of advice for signing an important agreement

I. Businesses usually don't pay enough attention to important agreements not included in the company's current field of activity.

Of course, it isn't every day that we sign important agreements. It isn't every day that we enter an agreement with a bank, lease a vehicle or piece of equipment, or construct a building to serve as our headquarters. Given the high value of these agreements, they are made exclusively in writing and often include substantial warranties.

Such agreements include bank loans, leasing agreements, insurance policies, enterprise agreements, agreements regarding the renting of commercial spaces and, not least, agreements for shares sale or the sale of the business itself Read more...

Commercial law studies

January 2009
Legal assistance and counsel to a group of foreign companies towards participating in a public tender. Qualification criteria regarding the technical and professional capacity, contained in the tender documentation, interpreted by public authority clarification. Our office expressed the opinion that such criteria are breaking fundamental European principles regarding public acquisitions. The legal counsel was requested by a foreign company for an estimated value of over EUR 100 million; the solution was validated by the contracting authority.

Legal counsel for a Romanian distribution company. Framework agreements taken from an internet database, causing unrecovered debt. Need to modify and complete the agreements, by inserting clauses so as to regulate important issues, for our client's benefit.

March 2009
Counsel for the modifying and completion of the articles of association of an employer's union. The proposals for the modifying and completion of the articles of association have been integrally accepted by the client.

Drawing-up of enterprise agreements, respectively FIDIC sub-contracting for the construction of an industrial objective. Counsel has been provided at the request of a group of foreign construction companies. Read more...




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