Our clients are Romanian or international companies active in the following economic fields:

Railroads and Roads

Our law office has relevant experience in counseling large clients in the roads and railroads construction field. Such clients mostly require counseling services on public acquisition procedures, as regulated by OUG 34/2006 and HG925/2006.

We are proud to have made innovating interpretations of public acquisition regulations, for our clients' benefit, interpretations which have been -most importantly- accepted by the respective contracting public authority..

For instance, we have been contacted by a client intending to participate in a public tender for the concession of rehabilitation works on roads and bridges, a client found in a position preventing him from participating in the tender.

The disputed issue was that the tender documentation included a number of technical requirements not met by our client, although it had the relevant experience, as one of the established European companies in the field.

Following careful analysis of the situation, in relation to the incriminated text of the tender documentation, our office identified the existence of an alternative to the mechanism imposed by the contracting authority for meeting the technical criteria.

The identification of the said alternative, beneficial to our client by enabling it to meet the technical requirements, was accomplished in record time, by careful studying and adequately interpreting the legislation in relation to the respective situation..

We were pleased to see the contracting authority, which had been notified by our client in this respect, show a high level of professionalism, validating in due time our office's perspective and, thus, allowing our client to participate in the tender.

Civil and Industrial Constructions

We provide legal services to civil and industrial constructions companies, which account for an important part of our legal counseling activity..

Counseling on drawing-up, modifying or negotiating contracting or sub-contracting agreements, as well as counseling on interpreting or enforcing public acquisition legislation, have become current practice fields for our law office. We are also representing clients - constructions companies - in the court of law, in solving the disputes our clients are involved in.

Wood Industry

Our client portfolio includes wood industry companies, as we have relevant experience in understanding and solving the specific legal problems such clients are facing.

We offer our clients both counseling on agreements and counsel on company restructuring or re-organizing, our specific experience often having major relevance in such management decisions.

Financial Societies

Our law office's title holder, Mr. Constantin Patraulea, has been involved in the theoretical activity of regulating certain issues regarding the capital market.

For instance, Mr. Patraulea has drawn up, independently or together with other capital market specialists, various regulations on direct transactions between mobile assets owners, or on regularly and continuously informing investors; these regulations have been adopted by CNVM and published in Romania's Monitorul Oficial.

For our clients in the financial services field, we provide legal counseling on both the relationship with the regulating authority and the specific capital market operations.

Chemical Industry

Our client portfolio includes clients in the chemical industry. The services provided to such clients include across-the-field commercial consultancy and commercial or financial legal counseling.

Our law office is also involved in debt recovery, including representing our clients in this commercial field in the court of law..

Commercial Enterprises

We have clients in both the field of importing and that of distributing merchandise, food and non-food products, industrial equipment, packaging, etc.. We provide these clients with counseling on drawing-up, modifying or negotiating agreements (be they purchase agreements, distribution agreements, etc.), as well as legal counseling and representation in settling disputes in the court of law.

For instance, our law office represents a client in the field of unfair competition, a field in which Romanian practice is far less ample than in the rest of the European Union. This is precisely the reason why EU unfair competition principles and practice will be taken into account by the Romanian courts.

Transport and Telecommunications

We provide transport companies with counsel in their respective fields of interest, as well with services regarding debt recovery.




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