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1995: Constantin Patraulea draws up the project for the National Commission for Mobile Assets' first set of regulations. These regulations, entitled The Ethical and Conduct Code for CNVM Members and Personnel, is adopted by the Commission and published in Romania's Monitorul Oficial.

1995: The National Commission for Mobile Assets regulates direct transactions between owners of mobile assets. From this date on, the alienation of mobile assets will be generally made by means of mobile assets societies, direct transactions being allowed only in exceptional, dully regulated, situations. This normative document was also drawn up by Mr. Constantin Patraulea.

1996: Constantin Patraulea is appointed chief of CNVM's legal department.

1998: Electrolux files a legal action, demanding the cancellation of the Elvila logo, claiming the existence of a striking resemblance which may confuse the uninformed customer. The trial is sent to the Bucharest Court of Appeal, after the Bucharest Court finds enough differentiating attributes between the two logos.
The Bucharest Court of Appeal reinforces the Court's decision: the Elvila logo remains in Elvila's possession. Elvila was represented, throughout the trial, by our law firm's title holder.

1999: SIF Banat Crisana files an action, with the Bucharest Court, against Elvila SA's articles of association, disagreeing with the participation, in Elvila's social capital, of Carpatina and Relaxa Mizil, two companies in which SIF held shares.
Both the Court and the Court of Appeal ruled against SIF Banat Crisana standpoint. Elvila was defended, throughout the trial, by Mr. Constantin Patraulea.

2000: Elvila files a lawsuit against AVAB, for the settling of its $17.5 million debt. The final sentence is passed by Romania's High Court of Cassation and Justice; throughout the trial, Elvila is defended by the Diana Esanu Law Office. Constantin Patraulea represented Elvila, before the High Court, in the stage of initial pleadings.
AVAB was represented by lawyers form Sulica si Asociatii Law Office (currently Babiuc ,Sulica si Asociatii).
The trial, which received high media exposure, has been won by Elvila, as the High Court validated its request to transfer the Elvila Tower into the State's possession, on account of the company's unpaid dues.

2002: CASJ Neamt files a request, with the Neamt Court, for the cancellation of allegedly fraudulent documents realized by Pamex SA for a ROL 15 billion debt. The trial received a large amount of attention from the local and national media, as at stake was, in fact, the local furniture factory, with a staff of over 1,000 people, The factory would have been threatened with being shut down, should the trial have been won by CASJ Neamt.
In this trial, Constantin Patraulea represented Elvila, which had been cited on CASJ Neamt's request.
Constantin Patraulea won the trial by using accounting expertise evidence, convincing the judges, beyond reasonable doubt, that the alienation documents, allegedly illegally detrimental to CASJ Neamt, were, in fact, valid, legal commercial documents. The trial ended after more than three years, with the rejection of the plaintiff's request.
2007: Constantin Patraulea defends a contravener fined, by the Road Police Brigade, with a record amount: 20.000 lei. The contravention report is ruled to be null.

2008: The Constantin Patraulea Law Office enters its first legal counseling agreement, with a European road and rail infrastructure company. Additionally, the law office represents market leaders such as the Dutch packaging manufacturer Schoeller Arca Systems, the European financial investments company EuroOrient Securities and Financial Services Ltd or Universal Property, real estate developer managed by Nicolaie Ratiu.
The law office also represents employers' associations, such as the Paper Association.




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